Do you speak Hebrew and English? Would you like being part of a challenging and interesting public policy project for competitive compensation? Your educational background doesn’t matter to us: you can be either a lawyer or a marine biologist. The most important thing is that you speak those languages.

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  • Munkavégzés helye: 1052, Budapest, Aranykéz utca 2.
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  • Álláshirdetés feladásának időpontja: 2019/04/18

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We are looking for an external consultant for our partner to participate in a telecom project. Our client is currently performing a regulatory monitoring assignment for multinational companies. Their team regularly checks the official gazettes, ministry websites and newspapers of different countries and drafts a weekly brief English report on changes in the legislative environment.

Currently they are looking for someone to monitor the telecom regulations of Israel. The work would amount to 2-3 hours a week (one and a half to look for the news and one and a half to draft the report). The necessary knowledge about the telecom industry as well as constant guidance will be provided by our partner. In case of mutual satisfaction, you can monitor more countries: in that case your fee will proportionally rise. The work can be performed from anywhere in the World and in a flexible timeframe.

If you are interested send an e-mail to orsolya.nagy@arsboni.hu with your CV and a short (max. half page) cover letter.